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KSh 400.00

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Our sizeable shower caps are made to ensure whatever the style. your hair is well protected from water when showering. It is self adjusting meaning no more shower cap pinch or leakage! Enjoy your shower with no worries!

It protects you hair while taking your shower. This cap will reduce massively your hair morning preparation and let you use that spare time for others opportunities. You can also use the shower cap for your hair treatment such as conditioning or else. The cap will allow your treatment to work perfectly so you may have optimal hair treatment result.

Shower Cap is, of course, reusable, which is a great improvement over environmentally. The Wide Stretch Comfort Band is made of polyester/spandex to be very soft and quick-drying. The waterproof fabric used on the solid-colored wine and royal blue line is breathable nylon.

This shower cap is reusable and completely waterproof. They feature a comfortable fabric stretchy band

Protect your hair extensions, blow-dry style, straighten hair style, wedding/prom or graduation hairstyle.
You will have this shower cap for a good amount of time and you won’t have to replace it right away; it is durable and long lasting.

Perfect for a quick shower when you do not want to get your hair wet or when you using conditioner on your hair and want to prevent water from washing it out before time.
At the request of a customer I made some small size that suitable for children ages 7+ (circumference of a head 20 – 21 inches).

Why you need these:

The diameter of the large shower cap about 15 inch. 100% Water Proof High-quality and durable material. Comfortable Elastic Band

Rock your very own with your little one.


20ml, 250ml, 50ml

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