Laika Beauty is a one-of-its-kind, luxury beauty lounge which prides itself in delivering superior, ethically sourced, and sustainable beauty products, to our esteemed clients.

OUR PHILOSOPHY is to treat everyone as a personal guest and to go above and beyond to deliver a truly memorable experience.

OUR MISSION is to deliver an ultra-personalized beauty experience that leaves all our guests happy and ready to live out their fullest potential. We do this by partnering with the world’s most ethical companies to provide the safest, high quality, effective products and by selecting the best hair experts in the industry who thoroughly test and research new products for our esteemed guests.

Our Commitments Laika Beauty believes in social justice and sustainability as the means through which we can achieve our vision of; world of beautiful, confident go getters conquering the world!

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is the belief that both men and women should be valued equally and have an equal ease of access to resources, opportunities, economic participation and decision making among others.

Diversity and Inclusion

That no one should be discriminated or left out on the basis of their age, race, gender, identity, orientation, education, culture, religion, disability, socio economic status, ethnicity, talent, intellect, political views etc.

Laika Beauty’s Goal

As a prestigious omni-retail and beauty tech company, our goal is to allow our valued guests to enjoy personalized shopping backed by cutting edge technology at their convenience. We believe when you look great, you feel great and achieve greatness!

 Powered by Technology, through Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT), we offer customized beauty consultations with 99.99% accuracy before recommending world class, proven products. Our desire is a world of beautiful, confident go getters conquering the world!

Our Values

We do Consistency, we do Excellence, we do Teamwork, we are called to Serve, we do Honesty

We also believe that the planet is a gift to us from future generations to steward sustainably. Our commitment is to ensure we use the planet responsibly and encourage others to do the same.


Our commitment is to ensuring wellness in mind, body and spirit; to expect, accept and celebrate our differences and to strive to provide a safe space to live out our potential.


Our commitment is to ensure responsible stewardship of our environment. To care for it and make intentional decisions to support the well-being of our Earth.


We learn, uphold and stand for the rights and freedoms of all humanity. To speak up and provide platforms for voices that are persistently stifled, unincluded or ignored in the society.