Restorative balm

KSh 4,000.00

KSh 4,000.00

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Balm. Damaged skin types.

Restorative Balm is specifically indicated to heal and repair the injuries that affect the full epidermis and even into the papillary dermis. Restorative balm is an anhydrous balm/dressing that provides protection to the injured layers of the skin, it traps water decreasing the trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) associated with these types of injuries and it has virtually no pH. All this while allowing the skin to “breath”. This ensures faster healing without any adverse reactions or sensations.

How to use

Using a gentle cleanser – Serra Cleansing Gel – carefully and gently cleanse the treatment area with fingertips. Pat dry with a clean dry towel – do not at any time rub the area. Apply a generous amount of the product to the area twice daily. Re-apply during the day (or night) when your skin feels tight, dry or itchy.
Restorative balm does leave a layer on the skin. This does mean that sunscreen application might NOT be possible – complete sun avoidance is suggested in this phase of healing.

Features & Benefits

Any treatments that leaves the epidermis compromised to the point where applied products irritate and burn and TEWL is increased– e.g. arc-plasma, permanent make-up, laser tattoo removal Augmented Beta Peel – medium depth peels. Fractional and non-fractional ablative laser Aggressive micro-dermabrasion and CIT treatments such as Dermapen



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