Mizani Antidandruff Conditioner Scalp care with Pyrithione Zinc

KSh 3,900.00

Perfect for relieving itchiness and dandruff leaving hair smooth and soft with a calm scalp.

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KSh 3,900.00

Availability:In stock

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Mizani Antidandruff Conditioner, the secret to high-shine hair and it? all starts with the scalp. Balance your base with a rich, luxurious scalp care conditioner designed to help control scalp flaking, scaling and itching with 1% pyrithione zinc content.

The Scalp Care Conditioner restores moisture balance to both the hair and the scalp and delivers dandruff fighting active ingredients. It is perfect for enhancing hair shine, purifying hair from flakes and dandruff, and preventing dry scalp issues.

This Mizani Antidandruff Conditioner is formulated with moisturizing peppermint oil and cooling cucumber extract to relieve discomfort and keep hair healthy. Its dandruff-fighting ingredients soothe and diminish itchiness and dandruff while nourishing and moisturizing the scalp.

The conditioner leaves your scalp with a minty tingling sensation and feeling refreshed. It also restores balance to the scalp and hair while continuing to deliver dandruff, fighting active ingredients to reduce flaking and scaling with a refreshing tingling sensation.

What’s more, Mizani Antidandruff Conditioner is for all texture types.

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